Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Video!

We've uploaded a new video to the multimedia section. Watch
Sarah Silverman on Celebrity Poker Showdown!

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Anonymous said...

Your attack on Paris Hilton, was disgusting, in poor taste, no class, and was shameful to watch on live television. I am not even a big Paris Hilton fan but sure think even less of you. I was so turned off by listening to you that I almost stopped watching the show. How would you feel if someone said those things about you live on air in such a harmful way?
What a disappointment to see that the people at MTV don't censor their speakers beforehand and would allow such a public display. I hope I never see you on television again and would never listen to anything you ever had to say, especially your bullying, trashy opinion. You may feel pleased about this but you reflected a very bad side of your personality to millions of people. In the end you have done more harm to yourself than Paris Hilton by your statements made tonight.