Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stand-Up Schedule

Due to many emails asking about Sarah's upcoming performances, there is now a schedule of her appearances:

9/13 (tonight) - Benefit at the 92nd St Y in NYC

9/14 - Opening night of new club, Comix in NYC

9/15 - Jimmy Kimmel Live (set your Tivo!)

9/18 - Largo in LA

9/19 - Leno

9/29- North Eastern University (Boston)


Will Weil said...

ARe you going to be coming up to the Seattle area at all? Would love to see you. I can't believe that you were in my hometown of Redondo Beach, Cali. Missed out on seeing a top comic. Great interview on Howard Stern the other day

Anonymous said...

we sure could use an appearance in portland, oregon...i'll even treat her to dinner.

Hass said...

it's Northeastern University all one word.

Anonymous said...

ps: re portland...not a perv...own a restaurant here

Anonymous said...

My father-in-law (75 yrs old) laughed so hard he blew water out his nose. When are you coming to the Bay Area?

Anonymous said...

How about coming to Victoria, BC CANADA!