Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sarah Silverman has a plan for Global Warming

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

GW is bull, but she is funny as hell. Go Sarah! :)

Dizz said...

great clip. theres a strange chop in her opening delivery guessing GW branched out into 'Maximum Overdrive'-esq consequences. but that doesnt like make it a real thing.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, How about you and I getting it together? I'm a jew boy from Israel. be a zis and come visit my flicker page! here's the link

and don't forget the promised land

Anonymous said...

Nice job on Howard. Good luck with ne show

Anonymous said...

GW is bull?
Did you just say that GW is BULL?!?


Read a book or a newspaper once in a while.

Anyway, the sketch was funny.

Anonymous said...

GW hype is bull, and I'm a scientist and you probably shouldn't get your science out of the newspaper and pop culture books but reputable scientific journals.

Sarah is doing great parody of an apocalyptic nut ball enviro-cult who thinks the world is coming to an end in a great flood due to our "sins" of burning oil. Religion takes many forms it seems.

Anonymous said...

Sarah!! This clip made me a life long fan!! lolol... MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!!!