Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cookie Party

Check out what this fan of The Sarah Silverman Program enjoys about the show. Cookie Party!!!


Jip Beneck said...

One of the most famous (tv)comedians this country's (Netherlands) ever had, Wim de Bie, writes on his weblog:

''A New Comedy Star Is Born. No more brave friendly- looking shit!'' Mr. De Bie is known for his nose for talent. And although I've only seen some clips …yet…I must agree, he's right you know: very funny and promising.


Adam said...

Truly a comedic masterpiece. Seriously, does anybody know what channel Cookie Party is on? It's driving me batty!

Jeff said...

I just found "Cookie Party" t-shirts one this site:

Pup Don said...

I loved Sara after Jesus is Magic, and now I'm thrilled to see her every week. Does anyone know where you can get an mp3 of the Cookie Party song? "Cookie Party... why is my sister such a dick?". I just about fell out! And I've been singing it over and over ever since.