Monday, June 04, 2007

Sarah Silverman Online 2.0 Released!

Sarah Silverman Online 2.0 was released today. Check out the new look at If you were subscribed to this news blog you will have to re-subscribe for the new one. I will not be posting news to this url, blogger, or feedblitz anymore. There is a subscription sign-up form on the new layout. Unfortunately the old posts powered by will not transfer to the new site, but you can always find the old archives at Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but I'm sure you will enjoy the new layout much better. I appreciate any comments or suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Silverman is an insecure, disgusting untalented pig!!
Poor Jimmy, I guess his only benefit with her as a girlfriend is good head. Just watch for those diseases Jimmy!
What she did to Britney Spears shows just how classless she is. Could she actually look Britney in the eyes after that? What if she were your sister? Oh, maybe she will come back with a sleezy whore-like talent bitch!!

Anonymous said...

sarah silverman is a frustrated ugly person ...maybe she needs a man...i don't really know what her problem is...she's ugly and she's also stupid...the perfect combination!so...she should shoot herself...bitch!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Silverman?! Who is she? I even don't know her until she made a whistle monologue in VMA 2007 about Britney. She is an insecure human being with no sense of womanhood..Perhaps, that is her channeling outlet to get attention to everybody..Anyway, she is the worst woman I've ever seen in youtube and ever known in my life. A uncivilized, uncultured and uneducated bastard woman...! If you were the one in the situation of Britney, would you feel happiness after somebody will shout to the world of all your negatives..Oh my GOsh!!! You are a poor ambitious girl trying to pull down somebody to replace her popularity..but sorry to say that you did not make, enroll yourself in a personality change center and reflect yourself as you reflect you negative deeds...MORON!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - Sarah won a SNARKIE award!

manch vegas said...

A just cause Sarah Silverman is doing her damn thing, and it happens to be making fun at someone so f$#*ing what I live were shes from and just seen her last nignt at the granite and second st stop light. I THINK SHES PRETTY UCKIN COOL so what i got to say to all these bloggers is HI HATERZ its true HATERZ everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

lards said...

sarah is yummy yum yum!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love Sarah and have written a song for her!!!

Christmas time is here
All the stores so near
Count my coins
And scratch my loins
It always brings me cheer

Can I have this toy
It might bring me joy
Let me get
Buyers regret
A satisfied young boy

Yes I know I’m Jew
We’re the chosen few
With lonely tops
And Manna drops
Underwear that’s blue

Can’t you make it so
No Hebrew word for “Ho”
Or Santa Claus
A yearly cost
Three stooges without Moe

I really love this day
They’re taking me away
Without my smokes
Or green hit tokes
I only want to stay

It happened once before
Shoved us through a door
We’ve paid our dues
There’s no more Jews
All gentiles evermore

Jesus was a Heeb
His mother didn’t bleed
A holy night
We shouldn’t fight
For color, sex or creed

Anonymous said...

Read your piece about rapist. Very funny. Always funny when women hint that all men are rapists. We have to learn how not to rape, right? Becuse we have shit for brains. I`m so, so tired of loudmouth feminists and you have to rememeber one very important thing; men are always bigger and stronger then you. If we decided that we had enough of feminist bullshit, you would all be gone within 24 hours. You know that, right? I assume you know you have no chance against a man. The way I see it, you feminists are here because we men allow you to be here. If we didn`t, you would not exist. Remember that, the next time you you throw shit at men. You`re here becasue we allow you to be here. You have no chance against a man, non of you do. I`m 1,90 tall and weigh 90 kilos. I dont care about pain, I`ve felt that all my life, it means nothing anymore. You think you can take me down with you bullshit? Think again. :)